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Beyond Coal

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Moving Illinois forward with Clean Energy

From asthma attacks to oil spills, its clear dirty energy does not come cheap. Illinois is one of the Nations top energy consuming states, which makes transitioning to clean energy a top priority to protect the environment, health and pocketbooks for all in Illinois. An over reliance on dirty fuels like coal and oil drain billions from the state economy each year and exacerbates the consequences of climate change. Fortunately, Illinois has a choice. Illinois has the resources and know how to lead the country in renewable energy production that will revitalize the economy, create good green jobs and protect the environment of the Prairie State.

Beyond Coal
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Christine Nannicelli
Kady McFadden
Beyond Coal

Moving Beyond Coal

Illinois' legacy as a coal state is a dirty one. Every stage of the lifecycle of coal, from extraction to emissions, presents serious dangers to our environment and health. The longwall mining that occurs in southern Illinois destroys prime farmland and displaces families as the coal is literately swept out from under them. The emissions and byproducts from coal fired power plants are responsible for asthma attacks, premature deaths and water contamination. Coal is neither cheap nor clean and its time to move to safer renewable energy alternatives.

Help Illinois move beyond coal. Get the latest news and find out how you Coal Campaign Illinois

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Energy Solutions
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Lisa Medearis

Expanding Clean Energy Solutions

Did you know Illinois gets as much sun as Miami, FL? Illinois has the opportunity to revitalize its economy through homegrown renewable energy, making the most of the states abundant wind and sunshine.

In 2007 Illinois passed a Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) that requires 25% of Illinois' energy to come from renewable sources by 2025. The RPS is the first step to investing in clean energy solutions that will curb climate change, refuel our energy needs and repower our economy.

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Cool Cities
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Current City Programs
Cool Cities Email Lisa Medearis

It All Starts with You - Taking Local Action in Cool Cities

Climate change is a global issue, but you can make a difference locally. All over Illinois, cities and counties are helping to solve global warming by taking part in Sierra Clubs Cool Cities program and committing to reduce CO2 emissions at the local level.

Do you live in a cool city? Find out and learn more about the Cool Cities program.

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